Honda Builds More Hype for the Next Generation 2023 Civic Type R

By Sevan Shahijanian | January 15th, 2022
2023 Honda Civic Type R Testing at Suzuka Raceway

It seems that Japanese automakers have taken a page out of the “Product Launch Hype 101” guidebook often used in American marketing departments. From Toyota’s constant GR Corolla teasers to Honda’s resistance in de-camouflaging the Civic Type R, nail-biting fans (myself included), have been clawing at any chance to get more info on these hot hatches. Honda knows this, and continues to keep us on our toes by slowly trickling out small teasers and videos of the 2023 Civic Type R. With the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon upon us, the latest tease comes in the form of Honda testing the Type R at Suzuka Circuit. 

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In the video, we can see Honda benchmarking against the previous generation FK8 Civic Type R. As awesome of a performance machine the FK8 Civic Type R is, it does have a few shortcomings in terms of overheating under certain conditions. Although the next generation Civic Type R is rumored to use the same 2.0-liter turbo four cylinder engine (it sure sounds the same in their video), the new new platform with larger venting looks well-equipped to handle the previous generation’s heat management concerns.

For one, the large vented hood looks similar to aftermarket hoods used by many FK8 CTR owners who track their cars here in sunny California. Honda touts the upcoming Type R as the “best performing Civic Type R ever” – but aside from visuals, we’re still mostly in the dark on the 2023 Civic Type R’s details. 

What do you think of this more mature and refined design? We’re holding our breath for the official unveil, but we’re unapologetically big fans of the “boy racer” Gundam look of the last generation Civic Type R as well. Now if only we could find one without that ridiculous dealership markup…