You Shall Not Toge Funny Fantasy Middle Earth Racing Kanji Sticker

  • Made of ultra durable and water-resistant vinyl
  • Choose from glossy, matte, and transparent finishes
  • Different sizes available
  • This wizard plays no games! Rock this powerful magic wielder with style and receive unprecedented amounts of acknowledgment from those cool enough to catch the reference!
  • Perfect gift for those who love middle earth and have a passion for Japanese mountain pass racing and drifting.

Middle Earth never felt so stylish! This wizard is a perfect addition to any well-cultured wardrobe. Choose from a selection of rich and vibrant colors that suit your taste and enjoy this unique design. Toge, also spelled touge, is a word meaning “pass.” It is also a form of mountain-pass racing that involves two stages (an uphill and a downhill) and two cars (with one leading and the other following). The goal of the lead car is to increase the space between cars, while the following car aims to maintain/decrease the gap or overtake the leading car.