Chip Shortage Woes Continue: Tesla Delays the Roadster (Again)

By Sevan Shahijanian | September 3rd, 2021
Tesla Roadster Parked in Front of House

2023… maybe

Tesla isn’t exactly known for their promptness and delivering vehicles on time. CEO Elon Musk, who’s also the brand’s primary spokesperson after dissolving their PR department in late 2020, has a history of making bold promises on when new vehicles will be launched; but in his defense, these new delays are affecting the entire industry.

Having already been delayed several times, radio-silence has surrounded any news and rumors regarding the new Roadster – that is, until Elon Musk recently responded to a tweet asking for an update on the rocket ship of a car.

Seeing as how Subaru, Ford, and GM have just announced production halts due to chip shortages, new car production continues to take a hit around the world. Automakers have reported that US dealerships are carrying 73% lower new car inventory compared to pre-pandemic August 2019 levels. Japan’s Rohm Co., chip supplier for Honda, Toyota, and Ford, has cautioned that chip shortages will likely continue on through 2022. Musk echoes these sentiments in his tweet, highlighting that a 2023 release for the Roadster is a best-case scenario if “2022 is not mega drama.” Tesla also quietly delayed the Cybertruck to 2022 earlier this month, as can be seen on the truck’s current reservation page.

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Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Page Delayed to 2022

Tesla has its hands full rushing to get popular Model 3s and Ys to customers during the pandemic. Given the inherently fewer production numbers of a car as expensive as the Roadster (starting at around $200,000), we think it’s relatively low on Tesla’s to-do list.

As popular as ever, Tesla is still very much a growing auto manufacturer. Their focus on producing models for the masses seems like the logical move; and although they’re known for delayed releases, their cars eventually deliver on Elon’s promises.