Lotus to Develop a Full Lineup of Electric Cars. Builds New Headquarters in Wuhan, China

By Sevan Shahijanian | September 1st, 2021
Lotus EV Teaser Image showing four new electric cars shrouded in darkness

Not one, but two electric SUVs

Yes, you read that right. It seems that all news coming out of automakers these days revolves around electrification; and to the dismay of many petrolhead purists, sports car manufacturers are not immune to this movement.

Lotus, famed creator of lightweight British sports cars (owned by Chinese automaker, Geely, since 2017) has released a teaser image of their future EV lineup. The photo showcases a four door “coupe” (not sure what this means, Lotus… we call them sedans here), two new SUVs (blasphemy!), and a new sports car – all shrouded in nail-biting darkness.

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The order in which each car is shown, from left to right, indicates the release order of each new model – starting with the already revealed all-electric Evija supercar. 2022 will see the first large SUV called Type 132, 2024 the four door coupe called Type 133, 2025 the second SUV called Type 134, and finally the new sports car in 2026 called, you guess it, the Type 135. The new plan is part of Lotus’s Vision80 strategy, set to electrify the brand before its 80th anniversary in 2028.

Geely Cars Lined Up in Front of Dealership

The Geely influence 

The transformation of Lotus as a dedicated sports car maker to a luxury brand that makes sports cars (a slight difference that makes all the difference) has been brought upon by Geely’s influence. Geely, a large privately held Chinese auto manufacturer based out of Hangzhou, China, invested millions into Lotus to create what they’re hoping will be a solid competitor to Porsche.

Although this may come as a shock to some, the move isn’t all that surprising in the current automobile climate. We’re in an era where Porsche sells the Cayenne and Macan, Lamborghini makes the Urus, and Ferrari is developing the Purosangue. Lotus Technology, a new division of Lotus, has launched a massive facility built in Wuhan, China (yup), further highlighting Geely’s commitment to steering Lotus into a premium global marque. Lotus says the new HQ’s goal is to “accelerate innovation in the fields of batteries and energy management, electric motors, electronic control systems, intelligent driving, intelligent manufacturing, and more.”

Matt Windle, Lotus Managing Director, says that “transforming Lotus from a UK sports car company to a global performance car company has always been at the core of Vision80.” He continues to say that the “launch of Lotus Technology is a major milestone on the road to making that a reality” and “above all, being ‘For the Drivers’” – assuring fans that Lotus won’t forget their roots as they transition into a global company.

Lotus Evija Side Profile View

Experience above all 

The future of all cars, not just everyday commuters, lies in electric technology. With the soon to be released Lucid Air, a behemoth of performance and luxury in an EV, and Lotus’s Vision80 strategy, the future of electric cars may not be as bleak as enthusiasts have feared. Cars are getting faster than ever, and so the experience of driving will become the key differentiating factor in the future of EVs. Using their decades of experience building visceral driver-focused sports cars, Lotus is best poised to add that much needed flair to the electric vehicle market.