The Lucid Air Smashes EV Range Record with New EPA Rating

By Sevan Shahijanian | September 16th, 2021
lucid air charging

The king of range

Is it getting crowded here or what? The electric vehicle space has no shortage of newcomers, some less compelling than others (*cough Nikola cough*), but Lucid is certainly at the top of the pack when it comes to formidable foes for Tesla.

We recently covered the Lucid Air in-depth and were pleasantly surprised at its incredible handling, craftsmanship, and advanced electric technology. Although Lucid has been touting over 500 miles of range for over a year now, the claim has just been confirmed by the EPA with an official rating of 520 miles! This absolutely smashes the longest range Tesla, the Model S Long Range Plus (EPA rated 412 mile range), by over 100 miles. Lucid’s founder, Peter Rawlinson, is former chief engineer for Tesla’s Model S, so he and his team know a thing or two about their competition. 

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Lucid Air EPA Ratings

The model to receive the 520 mile rating is the Lucid Air Dream Edition, which is the Air’s top trim running at $169,000. If that price seems a bit too rich for your blood (Dream Edition reservations have sold out anyway), lower trims in the Air Pure ($77,400), Air Touring ($95,000), and Air Grand Touring ($139,000) are also available.

The EPA’s ratings go deeper than just the highest Air model, however. The Dream Edition has two variations, the Dream Edition Range and Dream Edition Performance – each with 19” and 21” wheel options – and the EPA has rated every variation. The Range comes in at 520 miles when equipped with 19” wheels and 481 miles with 21” wheels. The Performance clocks in 471 miles with 19” wheels and 451 miles with 21” wheels. The Air Grand Touring was also rated by the EPA: running 516 miles with 19” wheels and 469 miles with 21” wheels. Wheel diameter has a massive effect on a car’s acceleration, speed, and unsprung weight (all important factors for range), so seeing range variance is no surprise between different wheel options. 

Lucid is set to begin deliveries for Air Dream Edition reservations before the end of the year. Although their official EPA ratings are impressive and set a new bar for high-end EV’s, they aren’t necessarily attainable for the average consumer. Lucid is targeting the higher-end luxury segment with their initial lineup – which is currently dominated by Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Porsche – so don’t expect pricing to compete with Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y just yet.

Lucid is following Tesla’s approach in selling their higher tier models first before gaining the capital necessary to build mass-market cars. As with all new complex technologies, initial pricing is high and reduces over time as manufacturing, research, and development costs improve. Manufacturing at scale will prove to be the real challenge for Lucid and will ultimately separate it from the pack if successful.