The Return of a Legend: Acura Teases the 2023 Integra

By Sevan Shahijanian | August 16th, 2021
Close Up of New 2023 Acura Integra Headlight and Front Bumper

The last huzzah before electrification?

Riding on the curtails of a bygone “JDM Golden Era,” many believe that the best days of iconic Japanese sports cars are behind us. With the looming electrification of all automobiles on the horizon, it’s no wonder that enthusiasts are clamoring to get their hands on what have now become pieces of Japanese unobtainium. The rising popularity of auction sites like Bring a Trailer have put the spotlight on our beloved classics; shooting up prices as high as $82,000 for a 1997 Acura Integra Type R. But enthusiasts may not need to wait long for another chance at living out their Golden Era dreams. Acura has just released a close-up teaser image of the new Integra with the text, “Integra Returns in 2022.”

What we know so far

Acura has been tight-lipped on the new Integra’s specs and features. They’ve released an Instagram post showing the same teaser image with audio of the car revving, but no news on whether it’ll be front wheel drive, hybrid (gasp), or turbocharged. The post’s caption states “Spring 2022,” presumably when they’ll be doing a full reveal, but we expect to see spy shots of the car wearing camouflage on public roads within the next few months. Our bets are on the Integra’s variants sharing the same engines and drivetrains as the upcoming Honda Civic Si and Type R (likely a front wheel drive turbo 4), but info on those cars are limited as well.

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A Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R driving through a tunnel

Looking forward

With a name as iconic as “Integra,” diehard enthusiasts aren’t going to hold any punches when it comes to critique. If the approach Honda took with the Civic Type R is anything to go off of, the upcoming Integra should live up to its nameplate… and then some. Although the looks of the Civic have led to polarized debates, the performance and driving dynamics have earned universal praise. As with the Civic, we expect massive aftermarket support, an eventual Type R variant, and a price tag slightly above their current offering – Acura is Honda’s up-market luxury brand after all.

If Acura is able to combine the magic of the original Integra with modern amenities and performance, there’s no doubt in my mind that this will be a future classic as well. The sun may rise once again on a new Golden Era, we’ll just have to wait and see.